About Mandatory Reporting

Guidance for Reporting under Section 75 of the Retirement Homes Act, 2010 (Act)

Section 75 of the Act requires people to report to the Registrar of the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA) if they suspect harm to retirement home residents. The questions below provide guidance with respect to making reports and other matters relating to section 75.

What must you report?

You must report where you have reasonable grounds to suspect harm or risk of harm to a resident resulting from the following:

  • Improper or incompetent treatment or care
  • Abuse of a resident by anyone or neglect of a resident by the licensee or staff of the retirement home
  • Unlawful conduct

You must also report misuse or misappropriation of a resident’s money.

Who must report?

Individuals and corporations. This would include staff members of a retirement home, the licensee of a retirement home, volunteers, care and service providers, and directors and officers of a retirement home. Retirement home residents may report, but the Act does not require them to. A person is exempt from reporting if the person does not have reasonable grounds to suspect that the subject of the report is a resident of a retirement home.

When must I report?

Immediately. The Act does not define "immediately", but you should file section 75 reports as soon as possible under the circumstances.

To whom do I make a report?

You make a report to the Registrar of the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority by calling 1-855-ASK-RHRA (1-855-275-7472).

What is the result of a report?

A report under section 75 of the Act triggers an inspection of the retirement home.

I operate a retirement home. What do I have post in my home with respect to section 75?

You must post the mandatory reporting poster that the Registrar of the RHRA makes available on its website. This poster contains specific information about reporting matters relating to the care and safety of residents. You should post in a conspicuous and easily accessible location in the home.

The legal obligation to post is contained in section 3 of regulation 165/11 under the Act and in section 55 of the RHA.

How can I get a copy of the poster?

Posters are available in French and English and can be downloaded here. You can also request a poster by emailing info@rhra.ca.

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