Residents' Rights

The Act sets out a Residents' Bill of Rights. Operators of retirement homes must respect and promote these rights. They must also post these rights in the home and ensure staff members receive training about them.

The Residents' Bill of Rights includes:

  1. The right to:
    • know what care services are provided and how much they cost
    • be informed before fees for a care service(s) are increased
    • receive notice before a care service(s) is discontinued
  2. The right to apply for publicly funded care services and assessments
  3. The right to be informed about and apply for care services and assessments from an external care provider (i.e. not by the home)
  4. The right to have choice of care services provided by qualified and trained staff
  5. The right to:
    • participate fully in making care decisions
    • participate fully in the plan of care (e.g. development, revision and review)
    • give or refuse informed consent to any treatment, care or service where consent is required by law
  6. The right not to be restrained except in keeping with the common law (i.e. permitted if risk of serious bodily harm to self or others)
  7. The right to privacy during treatment and care
  8. The right to live in a safe and clean environment with dignity and respect
  9. The right to have lifestyle choices respected
  10. The right to raise concerns or recommend changes in policies and services without fear of coercion, discrimination or reprisal
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