Stakeholder Advisory Council

The Stakeholder Advisory Council was established by the RHRA Board of Directors in February 2012. Its purpose is to provide advice on matters relating to the RHRA’s mandate.

The Council is not a committee of the Board. Members are appointed by the Board based on relevant knowledge and experience. Members are appointed for one or two-year terms (can be re-appointed) and include representation from residents, owners/operators in the retirement home sector, regulated health professionals, advocacy associations and others. Members do not participate as representatives of specific organizations.

Members of the Stakeholder Advisory Council provide a report, at least annually, to the RHRA Board and the Board comments on their activities and advice in the RHRA's annual report. The Stakeholder Advisory Council is composed of the following members:

  • Esther Goldstein – Chair
  • Gregory Blonde
  • Beryl Collingwood
  • Debbie Doherty
  • Joyce Fearnside
  • Paul Ouellette
  • Gail Walker
  • Graham Webb

Stakeholder Advisory Council Terms of Reference
Stakeholder Advisory Council Member Biographies

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