Vision, Mission, Values


The RHRA's vision is that all retirement home residents in Ontario Feel Right at Home.

Mission and Mandate

The RHRA's mission is to improve the lives of residents in Ontario retirement homes.

The RHRA accomplishes this mission by effectively fulfilling its mandate to administer Ontario's Retirement Homes Act, 2010 (Act).

Strategic Objectives

The RHRA regulates, educates, oversees and enforces the regulations and care standards established by government for the increased protection of seniors in retirement homes across the province. To assist potential residents and families in making informed decisions, the RHRA also maintains a Public Register about retirement homes and the services they offer.


The following values guide everything the RHRA does:

  • Excellence
    The RHRA strives for organizational and regulatory excellence by setting and attaining high standards and acting with integrity.
  • Fairness
    The RHRA will be fair and equitable in considering perspectives and will make decisions balanced in the interest of consumer protection.
  • Accountability
    The RHRA will be transparent and accountable in developing and administering policies, processes, communication, business and regulatory activities.
  • Collaboration
    The RHRA will work collaboratively with those who share a commitment to achieving goals of resident safety, respect and dignity within retirement homes.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
    The RHRA will make optimal use of resources (financial and human capital) to achieve its mandate and meet performance targets. The RHRA will use a risk-based approach to decision making and build on established knowledge and best practices.
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